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An Eye on the World

I am not a lover of the ornate; it often strikes me as overly busy, fussy, and even messy. Nevertheless, I was strangely attracted to the Tibetan Buddhist paintings called thangkas that I saw all over Tibet. Is it the geometric nature of the design, the purpose behind the work, or the way they are created? I can’t explain why I like these somewhat garish compositions, but I do! I viewed hundreds of thangkas all over Tibet, in temples and shops, and at the end of my trip I took some time to pick one out to bring home.


Thangkas are meant to be a guide for personal contemplation, a meditation tool to help lead adherents down the path to enlightenment, and many thangkas serve as teaching tools for monastic students by depicting the life and history of the Buddha, other deities, and important lamas. As I watched some…

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