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I’m guessing I’ve been to Mexico at least 10 times. I’ve baked on the beaches in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun, and crossed into the border towns of Tijuana and Juarez. I’ve sampled the ample cultural delights of metropolitan Mexico City and Guadalajara, and spent some heavenly days in the quaint little mountain town of San Miguel de Allende. But I just went back again to visit a place that keeps popping up on all sorts of travel lists – hot spots, hip capitals, food scenes, cultural meccas, and more: Mexico City, or simply DF, as the locals call the capital.

Version 2

To top it off, we splurged and stayed at “the hippest hotel in Mexico City’s hippest neighborhood” (according to CN Traveler), and spent much of our time in its bourgeois-bohemian streets in the neighborhood of Roma Norte. I could (and probably will later) write more about how we spent our over-the-border getaway, but what keeps asserting itself as I review my photos are the walls. Of course, muralist Diego Rivera and his colleagues figure prominently in any photo essay on Mexico City, but there is wall art all over DF, especially in Colonia Roma, and its quirky vibrancy permeated our strolls, our sightseeing, and even our meals.