As I near the end of my first year of blogging, I am grateful for my newfound readers and for the several awards I have received for my modest efforts with One Foot Out the Door. Today, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the writers of Vanha Talo Suomi, a very cool blog about a home renovation in Finland, which just so happens to be one of my next travel destinations.

I was given many questions to answer, but given my limited time here at year-end and having mere days before I jet off to northern Europe, I will do this in very abbreviated fashion. Nevertheless, I am honored by the nomination for this award for inspiring new blogs!

In answer to (most of) those questions … If I could have a life do-over, I would savor all the stages of life a little more instead of wishing for the next phase to begin, and my older, wiser self would tell my younger self to not worry so much about what others think (I still need that advice on occasion). I am absolutely, positively an optimist; the chicken came first; I almost always prefer the book to the movie; and the last band I heard live was a small group called The Kopecky Family Band in someone’s backyard! The most challenging aspect of blogging for me has been the balancing act of expressing myself honestly while keeping my identity somewhat private. Finally, many people have told me I shouldn’t travel alone, but I do it anyway, and it has enriched my life immeasurably.

The blogs I enjoy have beautiful writing (Feral Words, Notes Plus Ultra), gorgeous photos (Krosscourt/Susan Ross, Photographic Trek), an earnest young voice of their own (Writingsbytim), unique themes (Hoarder Comes Clean), or just a personality that appeals to me and makes me smile (French Touch in CebuWalking Woman). Many of these do not meet the Liebster requirement of having fewer than 200 readers, some are long-established and some are brand new, but if the question is who inspires me, amuses me, or makes me think, then that is my short list at the moment! Consider yourselves Liebster nominees and feel free to write something about yourselves and pass it on, or just feel the love and ignore the assignment!